Road Safety Audits

Traffic site inspections

Develop Project traffic management strategy and traffic management plans

Swept path assessments

Traffic Management Impact assessment

Precontract tender support for developing traffic staging

Management deliverables and traffic costing

Review traffic management tender deliverable

Traffic Management Solutions is a new Company, with a focus on addressing every aspect of construction traffic management for improving workforce and road users safety at transport projects. Delivering the highest quality of services and advice from the experienced traffic engineers and road safety auditors.


Traffic Management Solutions has Senior Road Safety Auditor and Lead Auditor accredited in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA to undertake Road Safety Audits and Traffic Management Inspections on all Stages and Work site Traffic Managements for road works.

Our RSA Services includes:

* Desktop Audits on TMP/TGS

* Pre and Post Implementation Day and Night Audits and

* Traffic Management Inspections by qualified TMD (QLD)


Traffic Management Solutions has experienced Traffic Managers being involved in various D&C tender process and tender traffic staging development on wide variety of urban road and rail projects.

Our Pre-contract Services includes:

* Review Project Specifications and accordingly develop Traffic Management Strategy

* Constructability and traffic staging development

* Procurement RFQ process and and assist on traffic management cost and TOC

* Attend client meeting – ITWs


Traffic Management Solutions has experienced Traffic Engineers being involved in Design and Drafting Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS).

Our Services includes:

* Design and drafting Traffic Management Plans (TMP) and Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS)

* Swept Path Analysis

* Traffic Impact Assessment and Sidra Modelling

* Assist traffic team on major projects in traffic procurements, site inspections and client meeting * RPEQ review and certifications

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